Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sunny with a side of orange.

I dont tan. Not meaning my body isn't able to tan, I mean I completely stay out of the sun. I don't tan, I don't leave home with out covering up and using sunscreen, and I also make sure Calvin is wearing proper clothing and a hat.


Having skin cancer removed and then having to go to the dermatologist every 6 months is not fun. Its scary and even more so when you have had family members die from various cancers including melanoma. In this day, with all the warnings (like with SMOKING. For the love of mother nature put down the dirty dirty cigarette!!!) I dont understand why people still love the sun. I get that tanning looks good. I tanned every single day in a tanning bed 4 years ago during the summer. It helps to hide flaws and the overall look is beachy and healthy. Surprise! Because of that summer of regret I have had 3 cases of skin cancer removed.

I miss being tan though.

I did the spray tan thing though a few years back. Thats a lot of upkeep and smells funny after awhile. I was thinking of doing that again this year because like I said, I miss being tan. So I bought some self tanner lotion. Now I can wrestle every day to reach parts of my body I cant even see while trying to make sure I keep it "au naturale" and streak free. All so I can try and look less like a dead mom walking.

Cant WAIT to look like this again!

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