Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Weekend- What I like about you!

We waited a long time to get pregnant and have Calvin. This wasn't because we couldn't get pregnant but because we chose to wait. We were young when we got married and with Mike being in the military we weren't sure where that would take us. So once we were stationed here in Ohio and then after Mike got out of the Air force and got a job here; we kinda figured we would just suck it up and take root here. Then after a few months of "just seeing where it goes" I got pregnant. Before that, with working full time and having a lot of time on our hands to be lazy we never really appreciated the weekends. NOW, now I appreciate them. I work from home but its not like its cake every day. I actually choose to work from home to watch my child as well as other peoples children. I only have two kids during the week (the one I watch and then my son) but the other child, he goes home and then I'm down to my one child. One child is so easy! Two isn't too hard seeing how the kid goes home at 5:30 but it does drain you. Those families who have more then one kid. Man I applaud you.

Don't get me started on those that decide to have MORE then two though. I don't think those parents came home from the delivery room with their brains though so I cant really blame them. I say this a lot (and I read this on a blog that Tom Brady's ex had said about having more then one kid): One is portable, two really isn't. Its true when they are little. There are two more highchairs to need, two more butts to wipe (and the rate my kid poops I sometimes feel that's all I do-wipe butts), double the bib and washcloth laundry, two more bodies to make sure don't get hurt or run into or steal toys from each other. I have two car seats, a double stroller, two diaper bags and DOUBLE the whining. But I don't have two kids. I just run a daycare so I'm able stay sane because in reality I only have one kid. Other peoples children go home. So once the weekend rolls around I'm able to relish that fact.

I wake up when Calvin does on the weekends instead of setting my alarm at 7 to (literally) roll off the bed to take a shower. If I don't shower right away I don't get a chance till around 1:30 and by then the term "gross" isn't something you would use to describe me. I'm able to stumble downstairs in my PJ's and gross hair on the weekend and Calvin doesn't care. Hes just ready to poop and eat and play. In that order. Then hes ready for nap around 10am and where during the week I watch a child that doesn't take a morning nap and actually have to you know, pay attention to; the weekend nap I can SHOWER!!! Yes I shower during the week but its a in and out shower. Weekend nap time showers are glorious! Today I was able to shave! Ahhhh shaving! There are times I joke to my sister in-law (whose blog you can read here: that I find ten dollar bills and my lost lip gloss when I shave because its been that long. I can do my makeup after the shower too! During the week its mascara and chap stick. SO glamorous! Today I was able to use moisturizer and eyeshadow and blush. I love makeup so actually getting to use it is like actually having enough room to eat desert after a meal out. You take one taste of that brownie pie and think "wow, I should forgo that stupid vegetable and save room to eat you more often!". Thats almost how I feel on the weekend. Like I should set my alarm during the week a few minutes early so I can actually use this seasons eyeshadow I bought from Mac. ALMOST. Then I think about how in reality I just stay at home all day anyways and the other stay at home moms who are out at the zoo really aren't noticing my "hazy moon" eyeshadow and sleep in those extra 15 minutes. So I forget about makeup till the weekend. Then it greats me with a great big smile and then criticizes my lack of grooming. Thats OK, its only two days a week. I can handle the criticism.

Right now Calvin is taking a extra long morning nap and Im able to sit on the couch and do some writing while the hubby watches a "Ghost Busters" movie. We really appreciate the quiet time on the weekends now. So much in fact Im thinking of making it part of the family.

It can even have the guest room and the last cookie.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Come on Hurricane Earl!

This summer has been one of the hottest summers in the past 7yrs that I can remember. Ohio has mild winters and hot summers and this summer was no exception to the hot. I call it blazing inferno, hotter then hell, hell itself, etc... It stopped raining too and my grass literally like hay. Its real crunchy and yellow and the only thing surviving is the weeds. They stick out like a sore thumb and even though we have the grass treated for them they still manage to over run the lawn. I'm a firm believer the reason why the neighbors behind us put up a fence was to shield themselves from our backyard. Or what I'd like to call it- The lawn those lazies do nothing about. That's really what it comes down to. We are just lazy. I have good intentions to one day go out there and pull weeds but like I said, we live in hell. So the thought of going outside in 100* weather with gloves to pull weeds in dirt where there are bugs and prickly things just doesn't make me want to be less lazy.

Id rather sit on the couch. Where I am right now.

We have a lawn person come once a month to cut the hay and chop down the weeds that grew to my height. I could actually see them starting to hit the kitchen window and was like WOW we are those people. The ones that bring down property values in the neighborhood. Im really surprised that the HOA doesn't give us a citation and say "Hey you lazies, get off your ass and pull a friggin weed or at least plant some grass seed!". Since the lawn guy came and finally cut down all those weeds nothing really has sprouted up to that extreme (yet) because its been so dry. The weather forecasters said we only got about 1.5" of rain ALL August. How horrible is that? That's why my lawn looks like a feeding ground for the local farm animals. When Hurricane Earl was supposed to come and, HOLY CRAP HIT THE EAST COAST, I thought for sure we would get lucky over here and get some effects of it. Too bad its been knocked down to a small storm and we probably wont get any remains our way. The wind did blow in and I did get excited that rain was coming in.

It did rain. For 1.5 seconds. Kinda like the rain fall for August. Maybe we could just remove all the grass and put concrete in. Way to get my hopes up Hurricane Earl.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Much to do about nothing.

Lately I feel like my brain has officially left the building. Im a normally social being that feels the need to broadcast life happenings daily but for the past few weeks I feel as if I don't have anything to say. *GASP*

Nothing. To. Say.

Hear that awkward silence? Thats what it sounds like when I sit at the keys all ready to write down some funny blurbs when all that comes out is dust and the occasional moth.

I mean, being a stay at home is glamorous. We get to wear velor track suits and zoom around in our SUVs! We get to jam our feet on the latch of the stroller to fold it back up but find out that since its a new stroller you don't quite KNOW where all the latches are. So standing in the parking lot of the childrens hair cutters you know you're being watched (AND judged) by the other moms because you parked in the family parking area they have and all the moms can see you out the window. You jiggle the stroller, check the breaks, fold the rain cover, shake it some more, swear at it, yell at it for being expensive but cant figure out why cause IT WONT EVEN FOLD BACK UP! Then you contemplate just throwing the entire thing unfolded into the back of your SUV so you can just get the hell out of the parking lot. Thats when you find the magical latch that folds it up so effortlessly and WHAM you're all happy with it again. Till the next time you need to fold it up and you're forgotten how the latches work. Its very difficult learning this part of the job and there was not "Maclaren stroller 101" I could take before Calvin was born. So now I just hope I look half way decent out there "learning" in my sweats.

I was supposed to meet with some potential parents later this evening so we could go over my policies for my daycare. They were set to enroll their son with me starting next Tuesday but apparently Daycare De Erin is no competition for the big chains so they have decided to stick with where they are. Apparently loving one on one care is less then stellar compared to a keyed security system and the potential for lice/chicken pox/neglect and a offer they "couldn't refuse". But, whatever. I'm not bitter. Back to the drawing board and that just gives me more time with the two I have now.

Summer is getting ready to wrap up around the states that aren't currently blanketed in 100* weather (we are one of those lucky hot states)and I'm looking to forward to fall. SO FORWARD to it. I'm usually a nut job for Halloween anyways and this year Calvin will be older to experience it too. He gets to see how crazy his mother is about this time of year. I bet Im the only one on the block that owns her own fog machine. Yes, I love Halloween THAT much!. Thats the next thing to look forward to over here.

Exciting, I know!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Sealed to lock in freshness

Last week I opened the fridge to get some milk for Calvin and I just kinda stood there for a second as my brain tried to figure out what I was seeing.

My husband, the man who is obsessed with things going bad or losing their freshness put his can of Jones pop in a ziplock bag.

I guess I should applaud him for not wasting it and dumping it down the drain.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Your modern day Hansel and Gretel.

Some children leave a trail of bread crumbs, my child leaves a trail of Milk. Wheres Calvin? Just follow the trail and youre bound to find him sticking his fingers in something thats going to be sticky and/or get him into trouble. Today it was around the cats bowls.

Beautiful Day

I know Ive posted about the sunrise here before but today Calvin and I were in his room hanging out snuggling in his glider enjoying some quiet time before the day begins; when we took a minute to look out the window. This week is one of the first weeks of broken heat and humidity in over a month and there is no haze covering the sky. With staying home all day I sometimes forget that there is a front door to my house that leads to OUTSIDE. Sometimes its just so beautiful out there.

King size

I figured when Mike and I would decide to have a baby this baby would be a tall one. I was hoping my short 5'4" frame would offset Mikes 6'7" but looks like his genetics won in that game. Right before I went into labor I was at my OB's office having one of my many ultrasounds and I remember her "hmmmm....his legs measure very long". When I told her my husband was very tall she was all like "I was going to ask and that explains it!". Because with looking at the short fat lady on the ultrasound table we both knew he wasnt tall because of me. My family is full of oompa loompas, not jolly green giants. This was one of the reasons why I wanted a boy so bad (along side the fact that boys are awesome and love their mommys), a tall boy is easier to marry off then a tall girl.

I just hope his wife knows its going to be hard sleeping in a bed with a guy who has to sleep on a diagonal in order to fit on it.