Wednesday, August 18, 2010

King size

I figured when Mike and I would decide to have a baby this baby would be a tall one. I was hoping my short 5'4" frame would offset Mikes 6'7" but looks like his genetics won in that game. Right before I went into labor I was at my OB's office having one of my many ultrasounds and I remember her "hmmmm....his legs measure very long". When I told her my husband was very tall she was all like "I was going to ask and that explains it!". Because with looking at the short fat lady on the ultrasound table we both knew he wasnt tall because of me. My family is full of oompa loompas, not jolly green giants. This was one of the reasons why I wanted a boy so bad (along side the fact that boys are awesome and love their mommys), a tall boy is easier to marry off then a tall girl.

I just hope his wife knows its going to be hard sleeping in a bed with a guy who has to sleep on a diagonal in order to fit on it.

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