Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Your modern day Hansel and Gretel.

Some children leave a trail of bread crumbs, my child leaves a trail of Milk. Wheres Calvin? Just follow the trail and youre bound to find him sticking his fingers in something thats going to be sticky and/or get him into trouble. Today it was around the cats bowls.


  1. lol how cute. some days I find a trail of bread crumbs, the other days I find a trail of sticky fingerprints on the wall...its up in the air around our house :)

  2. Heeeee... that's too cute my son(s) do the same thing. I usually follow the milk sipppy cup drips. Smile...I'm following from mbc, I'm now following you from mombloggersclub, visit me at healthy living & a balanced