Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Calvin and Hobbes.

Growing up Mike and I both loved "Calvin and Hobbes" books. When I mean loved, I mean LOVED them. They were a big part of our childhoods and I can remember reading my 1st on in the 5th grade and laughing like a jackass. Till this day I still laugh and I credit a lot of my wit to Bill Watterson . For our 10yr anniversary mike bought me the collectors edition of the books that are now displayed on our dresser like a piece of art. While I respect Watterson's decision to not mass market his art that left people like us always pining for a Hobbes stuffed animal or toy; we too wanted to be like 6yr old Calvin and his stuffed tiger. We named Calvin after, you guessed it, the comic and we all know that Calvin needs his Hobbes. So Mike went to Etsy.com and had one made.

Calvin and Hobbes

And yes I know we are THOSE parents. Good luck Cal, you cant pick whom youre born to. Sorry kiddo.


  1. You son is super cute :)

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  3. So stinking cute! I love the picture where your sons loving Tigger! Following from the MBC

  4. Thanks guys.

    And to Stacy and Carol. Ironically my grandmothers name is Carol Lawrence too. Im formerly a Lawrence :)

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