Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Much to do about nothing.

Lately I feel like my brain has officially left the building. Im a normally social being that feels the need to broadcast life happenings daily but for the past few weeks I feel as if I don't have anything to say. *GASP*

Nothing. To. Say.

Hear that awkward silence? Thats what it sounds like when I sit at the keys all ready to write down some funny blurbs when all that comes out is dust and the occasional moth.

I mean, being a stay at home is glamorous. We get to wear velor track suits and zoom around in our SUVs! We get to jam our feet on the latch of the stroller to fold it back up but find out that since its a new stroller you don't quite KNOW where all the latches are. So standing in the parking lot of the childrens hair cutters you know you're being watched (AND judged) by the other moms because you parked in the family parking area they have and all the moms can see you out the window. You jiggle the stroller, check the breaks, fold the rain cover, shake it some more, swear at it, yell at it for being expensive but cant figure out why cause IT WONT EVEN FOLD BACK UP! Then you contemplate just throwing the entire thing unfolded into the back of your SUV so you can just get the hell out of the parking lot. Thats when you find the magical latch that folds it up so effortlessly and WHAM you're all happy with it again. Till the next time you need to fold it up and you're forgotten how the latches work. Its very difficult learning this part of the job and there was not "Maclaren stroller 101" I could take before Calvin was born. So now I just hope I look half way decent out there "learning" in my sweats.

I was supposed to meet with some potential parents later this evening so we could go over my policies for my daycare. They were set to enroll their son with me starting next Tuesday but apparently Daycare De Erin is no competition for the big chains so they have decided to stick with where they are. Apparently loving one on one care is less then stellar compared to a keyed security system and the potential for lice/chicken pox/neglect and a offer they "couldn't refuse". But, whatever. I'm not bitter. Back to the drawing board and that just gives me more time with the two I have now.

Summer is getting ready to wrap up around the states that aren't currently blanketed in 100* weather (we are one of those lucky hot states)and I'm looking to forward to fall. SO FORWARD to it. I'm usually a nut job for Halloween anyways and this year Calvin will be older to experience it too. He gets to see how crazy his mother is about this time of year. I bet Im the only one on the block that owns her own fog machine. Yes, I love Halloween THAT much!. Thats the next thing to look forward to over here.

Exciting, I know!

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