Friday, September 3, 2010

Come on Hurricane Earl!

This summer has been one of the hottest summers in the past 7yrs that I can remember. Ohio has mild winters and hot summers and this summer was no exception to the hot. I call it blazing inferno, hotter then hell, hell itself, etc... It stopped raining too and my grass literally like hay. Its real crunchy and yellow and the only thing surviving is the weeds. They stick out like a sore thumb and even though we have the grass treated for them they still manage to over run the lawn. I'm a firm believer the reason why the neighbors behind us put up a fence was to shield themselves from our backyard. Or what I'd like to call it- The lawn those lazies do nothing about. That's really what it comes down to. We are just lazy. I have good intentions to one day go out there and pull weeds but like I said, we live in hell. So the thought of going outside in 100* weather with gloves to pull weeds in dirt where there are bugs and prickly things just doesn't make me want to be less lazy.

Id rather sit on the couch. Where I am right now.

We have a lawn person come once a month to cut the hay and chop down the weeds that grew to my height. I could actually see them starting to hit the kitchen window and was like WOW we are those people. The ones that bring down property values in the neighborhood. Im really surprised that the HOA doesn't give us a citation and say "Hey you lazies, get off your ass and pull a friggin weed or at least plant some grass seed!". Since the lawn guy came and finally cut down all those weeds nothing really has sprouted up to that extreme (yet) because its been so dry. The weather forecasters said we only got about 1.5" of rain ALL August. How horrible is that? That's why my lawn looks like a feeding ground for the local farm animals. When Hurricane Earl was supposed to come and, HOLY CRAP HIT THE EAST COAST, I thought for sure we would get lucky over here and get some effects of it. Too bad its been knocked down to a small storm and we probably wont get any remains our way. The wind did blow in and I did get excited that rain was coming in.

It did rain. For 1.5 seconds. Kinda like the rain fall for August. Maybe we could just remove all the grass and put concrete in. Way to get my hopes up Hurricane Earl.

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