Friday, July 30, 2010

10 years!

Mike and I made it to our 10 year wedding anniversary on Wednesday the 28th. A pretty good accomplishment for two people who arent even 30 yet. Of course we have been through pretty much every crappie thing a married couple can be through but I chalk that up to a lot of stupid stuff young people do. Mike and I love each other very much but always say that no one should get married till they are 25 years old and above. This way you get all your selfish party "Im an adult and I can do what I want and who cares that youre in a relationship with me" ways. By that age you should be somewhat accomplished in your life and figure out who you are and what you want from your life. Mike and I are there too, but we kinda grew up with each other and then got there. Now we are on the same page with everything pretty much. We both want one kid, want to one day move home but know that may not happen and maybe want to move some where coastal (we really like the water) in a few years, want our son to have a good life, want to be relaxed and drama free and rely on each other as we have been doing for so long.

It wasnt always this way though. We toyed awhile with even having a child. Especially since we live far from family and knew that it may be kinda selfish to have a child and not have their family around for them to know. Also, we have no help with family being away so that was a big thing. Being financially secure was a plus as Mike was still in the military and we lived in a small base house when we really considered what life would be like with a child. So we wanted to be sure we could afford a kid even though no one can ever afford a kid. Or themselves most of the time. Mike and I also wanted to be secure with each other. We didnt want to bring a child into this world and then rip his heart out with a divorce. With all the crap you go through in any relationship, unlike the movies, its not always roses. Theres a lot of dust and bugs and piles of crap along the way that either make you break you. For us, it made us stronger I think.

Mike is my foundation, walls and roof. I honestly dont know how my life would be with out him. Not because hes the main bread winner but because he really is my other half. We both have so much in common now and like to do the same things (as well as do things separately) that everything seems to flow smoothly. Im pretty sure he feels the same way too. I trust him 100% and he bends over backwards to make sure Calvin has everything he needs and that I can stay home and not put Calvin in a cruddy daycare (not knocking it for those who have to but I dont want to have to do that). Mike is a strong man with whom I always feel safe with and I know will defend me to the death. Hes an amazing father who loves his son and took to him like neither of us expected. Mike supports me and gives me piece of mind and always reassures the fact that Im being a good wife and mother.

I find now that I worry more about his safety then if hes going to find another women. If he does find another women then she better know how to clean and if so then I dont mind handing him over to her once and awhile. I kid, I kid. She better know how to cook too.

Mikes in Vegas for the next 5 days for some computer hacker convention thats supposed to be the biggest one they have all year. Hence the big deal in Vegas. Last year he couldnt go because I just spent 9 months gestating our son and then another 24hrs to push the almost full grown kid out. This year our big 10yr anniversary was the day before the Vegas fun times was going to begin. He really didnt push to go and I didnt think much of it. We thought money wise we wouldnt be able to swing it too so it was out of the question really. Then Mike was telling me about how all his buddies and coworkers were going and then it hit me. This may be the only chance he gets to go with so many people for such a good time. Ive been telling him for a bit to get his brother and cousin together and go to Vegas but they are busy with their own lives in NY and who knows if that would ever happen. So as I was talking to him on gmail chat, 'cause thats how married we are-we use gmail chat to talk about big things, I told him if we could swing it then he needs to go. A few minutes later his ticket was booked and he was a happy camper. I told him that could be my big anniversary gift to him. I already went two years ago for a girls weekend so it was high time he went for his "Bros" weekend. He deserves a weekend with the guys playing and drinking and experiencing Vegas. The only stipulation was he had to try and be safe. No getting into fights or getting mugged. The plane had to take off and land without a incident and Id be perfectly calm. Also stories. He always ends up having the best stories. Even if its a night out with his buds at a local strip club he comes home with the best stories. So I figured its Vegas, he should have some awesome ones! I was excited for him and it made me remember the parts of Vegas I could remember too. I know he will have a blast.

After 10yrs of putting up with me he deserved some time in a different time zone on a vacation that didnt consist of schedules around a nap time. Mike and I really never took vacations (which is beyond us because now that we have Calvin we look at our former selves as morons) nor had a honeymoon. We woke up on a Friday and said "hey lets get married today!" and then two days later mike had to go back to work. He was Military when we got married so its not like he had the freewill to do what he wanted when he wanted. And all our "vacations" were back home to NY because we were stationed in Louisiana and didnt know better. Now that we are older and wiser we know we shouldve went to Hawaii or anywhere that was out of our time zone. This is 10yrs experience talking though. When youre 18 youre stupid so its not like our brains were fully functioning yet.

The past 10yrs have been a big learning experience in which we both grew and grew together. I couldnt imagine having this life with anyone else and I hope we are lucky enough to hit our 50yr and beyond anniversary.

I love you honey and heres to 50 more!

(Our little cake I had made for us since we didnt have one at our wedding)

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