Friday, July 23, 2010

No more Big Brother!

We still keep tabs on Calvin with a baby monitor. This helps for when Im downstairs and he wakes up from a nap and starts squawking for me to come get him rightthissecond! Yesterday I was down on the couch during his nap (taking a minute to sit while I waited for the lady to pick up bottles) and I heard the monitor go to static. This means the channel has been changed and could mean only one thing: Calvin was up and he found the base to his monitor that was UNDER his bed.


Yup. I ran up there and he had the cord (very safe!) in his hand and was pulling up the base of the monitor. If he was mad we were keeping tabs on him I dont know. Its only the beginning kid, you will ALWAYS be monitored.

1 comment:

  1. ahahaha thats funny what a little stinker, hes like ha ha mom i hope your sleeping so this loud noise wakes you up!!!!