Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Re-newed appreciation.

The day to day life of a SAHM can be tedious.

7am Shower, listen to Calvin squawking through the monitor.
7:10am Dry off, dress and shove in contacts all at the same time.
7:11am Listen to Stimpy and Moxie meow and try to kill me by rubbing on my legs and feet. YES, I know, everyone is happy mommy is up!
7:15am Run into Calvins room and see he threw everything out of his bed and smells a bit like a farm.
7:18am Wrestle with flailing baby to get all the embedded poop off of his butt.
7:23am No more poop till 9am
7:25am Go downstairs and "Open shop". Turn on lights, open blinds, feed crying cats and get Cals breakfast going. Or it will be the end of the world.
8:00am Clean up kiddo from the entire produce section he just ate and waffles/pancakes. This kid is the meaning of "eating us out of house and home".
8:00-8:30am David arrives!
8:30am David poops!
8:30am-9:30am Kiddos play. Their drug of choice lately is anything Ball. "Hey even though I have that ball in my hand right now but in blue I want the one you have in orange!"
9:00am Listen as Cal stops what hes doing to grunt his way to a new Poop.
9:05am Cal needs a new diaper.
9:30am Break up a ball fight
9:30am Calvin usually needs a nap. Put Calvin down and wrestle with him to take a nap. Listen to him cry through the monitor and hope he falls asleep. 75% of the time he goes to sleep, 25% he cries and cries and I have to go and get him. Then its more fighting for a ball.
10:00am-10:30am Calvin gets up and its snack time! Calvins favorite time of day is any time that involves food.
10:30am Gobble up goldfish crackers, whine for a 4 course meal.
10:45am Art! Or anything else on the plan such as books,flash cards,ABCs etc... A trip to the park, museum, or my favorite; TARGET!!
11:45am-12:00pm Arrive home from our destination and get ready for lunch. Listen as Calvin cries at my feet for food that shouldve been ready rightthissecond! Hes deprived.
12:30pm Clean up from lunch and kiddos run off some steam by playing. With? A BALL or one of the bowls from the pots and pans cabinet.
1:00pm-4:00pm David naps
1:00pm-2:00pm Calvin naps
2:00pm Get Calvin up, play, do some laundry. Wish I was napping.
3:00pm Calvin snack time (AGAIN)
4:00pm David gets up
4:15pm Davids snack time. Calvins time to whine for Davids snack.
4:30pm Music,book,puzzle,bubbles, end of the day entertainment.
5:30pm David goes home, start dinner. Try and be as fast as I can or Calvin will whine and cry like he hasnt eaten all day.
6:00pm Eat
6:30pm-7:30pm Entertain a whining toddler because he refused to take longer then a hour nap and has been up since 2
7:30pm Bathtime. Splash, throw toys out of the tub, stand and want to walk around in the bubbles, drink the bath water.
8:00pm Kiddo is asleep!!
8:00pm-8:30pm Clean up destroyed house. Sanitize.
8:30pm Sit down for the first time that day and relax OR go to the gym. Id much rather relax so that is why its taken me since December to drop just under 10lbs.
10:00pm ready for bed!
10:00pm and 30 seconds LIGHTS OUT and mommas passed out.

Now this is how my day at my old job was. The one where they screwed me:


All. Day.

Yesterday I saw that one of my old co-workers is currently on vacation. This means they are down a person and have to do that co-workers work too. If I was still there that means it wouldve mostly fallen on me. It was a great reminder that I get to stay at home all day with my Son and play and teach him new things. Yesterday for instance, he walked over to where I have the bubbles on the shelf and said "bubble! bubble!". I taught him that and because of me hes growing and learning and thriving. Made my day. Also knowing that my old job was having a rough week and I was here, in my home, snuggling with my love all day made me smile. REAL big.

I love this life. There is nothing more I want to be doing then exactly what Im doing right now.

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