Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Thats the sound of my excitement when I opened mail from the unemployment office today. Apparently my appeal for the unemployment they denied has called for a phone hearing! Haha! Even if I dont win this I still feel I did. Hey! Remember when you guys didnt give me a raise those years? Remember when co-workers called off all the time every week leaving me to do all that work? Remember when I would toot my own horn in hopes you would say "DUH Erin is the bestest employee!" and then I still got screwed over when you let me go cause (yes Im going to use quotes again) "would do fine without me"? Yeah, Ill talk to you guys about that on the phone with a judge in tow and try not to tell you my smile cracked my face in half.

I really wish I was a fly on the wall in that office with everyone saying "Oh no, how dare Erin request legal action against us!" (those quotes again damn it). I wish I was there to hear them laugh as they read through the paper work and call me names and gasp at how I would do something like that. Its principle people!

Man I hate being screwed over.

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