Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sunny with a side of orange.

I dont tan. Not meaning my body isn't able to tan, I mean I completely stay out of the sun. I don't tan, I don't leave home with out covering up and using sunscreen, and I also make sure Calvin is wearing proper clothing and a hat.


Having skin cancer removed and then having to go to the dermatologist every 6 months is not fun. Its scary and even more so when you have had family members die from various cancers including melanoma. In this day, with all the warnings (like with SMOKING. For the love of mother nature put down the dirty dirty cigarette!!!) I dont understand why people still love the sun. I get that tanning looks good. I tanned every single day in a tanning bed 4 years ago during the summer. It helps to hide flaws and the overall look is beachy and healthy. Surprise! Because of that summer of regret I have had 3 cases of skin cancer removed.

I miss being tan though.

I did the spray tan thing though a few years back. Thats a lot of upkeep and smells funny after awhile. I was thinking of doing that again this year because like I said, I miss being tan. So I bought some self tanner lotion. Now I can wrestle every day to reach parts of my body I cant even see while trying to make sure I keep it "au naturale" and streak free. All so I can try and look less like a dead mom walking.

Cant WAIT to look like this again!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

You've been DENIED

I'm pretty sure I was let go by my company those weeks ago. In fact I'm more then sure. When they tell you "Its been nice, you've done a great job but we think we will get by with out you just fine and wont need you past this Thursday...." that means I got the ax. I wouldn't have posted that entire blog [rant] complaining about how those bastards couldn't let me leave on my own if I didn't feel I was given the "we are closed" sign. Like they were too above me to let me have my 15 minutes of in-your-face-take-that-I'M-leaving-YOU glory. I filed for unemployment just because, you know, I HAVE NO JOB now. Its not big bucks this unemployment. Then again, I wasn't making big bucks (or little bucks even)but any little bit would help out. Now when I first signed up for unemployment they said it would take three weeks to get things rolling. I have to file a claim every week and make sure I apply to at least two jobs weekly. So Ive been doing just that. I mean, when you've worked somewhere for 4 years, never had a position upgrade or change, made a 4% raise that gave me a extra, WAIT FOR IT, 42 cents!!! I kinda figured the 200 bucks a week I was entitled for from unemployment was cheap for my company seeing how they were down a paycheck payment from FIRING ME!

Surprise when I logged into my unemployment to find I had a "you've been DENIED!" determination. Yeah no surprise they would be bastards one more time. This is what was said:

An issue concerning the claimant's voluntary separation/buyout, affecting benefits beginning on 03/01/2010, was adjudicated as follows. The claimant quit employment with **Company name withheld***. under a voluntary separation plan. There is no evidence that the work was no longer suitable or that the claimant would otherwise have been involuntarily separated had he/she not accepted the separation package. The legal standard under Ohio law that determines whether a quit is without just cause is whether the claimant acted as an ordinary person would have under similar
circumstances. A review of the facts establishes that claimant quit without just cause under Section 4141.29(D)(2), Ohio Revised Code. Therefore, no benefits will be paid until the claimant obtains employment subject to an unemployment compensation law, works six weeks, earns wages of $1278,and is otherwise eligible.

SOOOO this states that I said adios all by myself like I wanted to but never got the chance to do so. That I took a separation package, a buy out and all and all I LEFT ON MY OWN. No such thing happened. WHAT PACKAGE AND BUY OUT **company name with held**??? WHAT PACKAGE???? There was no separation package. There was no buy out. Where they thinking that when they first wanted to tell me my last day was upon me they were giving me some time to prepare and that was my package? Because if so they failed to tell me ahead of time cause they forgot, or the weather was too bad or THEY FORGOT to tell me until I heard rumors and had to confront the boss. There was no separation package. Just separation.

I read that and was so livid my eyes watered. Now I always was irritated with my job. Everyone is at some point I'm sure. They feel that some time in employment things are unfair. I pretty much lived that every day. I always figured that I would get another job eventually and be able to skip out on them with a huge smile on my face. Since I didn't get to do that filing for unemployment was my smile. When they denied me I immediately filed an appeal. When I become livid I usually type things that makes sounds like a T-Rex coming through your door. I always have to hit the delete button a bunch of times until I come back down to my level and clear my head. So of course after typing "you cheap bastards how dare you deny me after all the shit I did for you!! Pay me what is due now or I will drive there and throw crap all over your stupid building and slander your company to all of your clients". I became level headed again and wrote the following:

Erin Reiter had not put in any formal voluntary separation to **Company name withheld**. There was no verbal or formal written statement of a separation date of if/when Erin Reiter may be leaving**Company name withheld**. **Company name withheld** exact words were " We will be fine with out you and will not be needing you past this Thursday ¬February 25th 2010|." Erin Reiter still needed employment as of February 25th 2010 and did not put any notice that she would need to terminate employment as of February 25th 2010.

I appealed with that because that is EXACTLY what had happened. They had till April 6th to reply to that. Today is the 11th and I still haven't heard anything back. So either the unemployment people are slow at getting stuff back out (which I doubt because they actually been on the ball with stuff lately) or my old company didnt reply. I hope my company read my appeal and was like "oh RIGHT, we screwed her over" and will have to pay out. If I get another determination I will appeal again. Hopefully they are smart and will just give in. Otherwise they will keep hearing from me every single time.

I'm a stay at home mom now, I have ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD. Try me **Company name withheld**. I dare you.