Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Thats the sound of my excitement when I opened mail from the unemployment office today. Apparently my appeal for the unemployment they denied has called for a phone hearing! Haha! Even if I dont win this I still feel I did. Hey! Remember when you guys didnt give me a raise those years? Remember when co-workers called off all the time every week leaving me to do all that work? Remember when I would toot my own horn in hopes you would say "DUH Erin is the bestest employee!" and then I still got screwed over when you let me go cause (yes Im going to use quotes again) "would do fine without me"? Yeah, Ill talk to you guys about that on the phone with a judge in tow and try not to tell you my smile cracked my face in half.

I really wish I was a fly on the wall in that office with everyone saying "Oh no, how dare Erin request legal action against us!" (those quotes again damn it). I wish I was there to hear them laugh as they read through the paper work and call me names and gasp at how I would do something like that. Its principle people!

Man I hate being screwed over.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Intolerant rant.

Did you ever people watch and sit back and wonder if all those people out there are fake? The seemingly nice mother who buys her child some candy and takes them to the movies but later locks them in a closet cause shes secrectly a insane raging women who shouldnt have had a kid to begin with. How about that nice dog walker, do they enjoy their little walks but go home and watch videos of dog fights on you tube? How about that Christian family who link hands at the grocery store and smile at you but then go home and leave facebook comments on non christian pages saying "You are going to Hell".

These are some examples I have of the fake out there. Id like to think that Ive grown up to be a true to me person. Of course with mistakes along the way. I know Im not perfect, I dont like everyone, and my ideals are probably not like yours. If youre reading this you and I are most likely not a like. If we are, we will never know because those of us that are different are scared to say so. I do know that Im a good person. I help my fellow man and animals. I want to be a good example for my son and I hope he follows suit. I hope he grows up to think for himself, to know that people arent all the same but thats not a bad thing. To not solicit his ideals but to compassionate to others[ideals]. I hope hes smart enough to see both sides and see that he isnt always right. I hope he can get along with all types of people like we do. That hes sees the good in those different them him and still can hang out, be friends and have intelligent open minded conversations with people.

I say this because there a few things in my life right now that I see is a bit unfair. Intolerance. HOW I HATE intolerance. You may say im intolerant of those who arent tolerant. This makes me rage more then anything. Race, sexual orientation, religious choices. People have their own views and choices. Otherwise how could I write about this? This is my view. Im sad my son still has to grow up in a world where people are still intolerant.

We can only lead by example and I sure hope Calvin grows up to be a good man. No matter what he eats, feels, and says. No matter who he marries, befriends or works for. I hope he knows that not everyone will like him, listen to him, be his friend or be nice to him. Most of all I hope that he knows whats in his heart to be true.

**This post has been edited due to information that at a later date, has been found to be wrong therefore making parts of the blog false and those parts have been deleted.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's instinct

My first mothers day was today. I didnt sleep in, I didnt lock myself in the bedroom claiming "Its MY day!", I didnt save all the poop diapers for dad. My son is what it means to be a Mom. Why would I want to be away from the little one who gives me that title?

Today was a great day. Calvin via Mike bought me a very pretty mothers necklace. Sometimes it still hasnt hit me that I joined the mom club. The best club Ive ever been in. I feel like I always had a membership, It was just waiting to be activated.