Monday, March 22, 2010

Week 3

This week marks the 3rd week of my SAHM adventure. I now wonder how I didnt decide to do this sooner.

I do NOT miss getting up and shoving myself into something that wasnt a track suit to drive half an hour in amusement park ride traffic and arrive at my office always 10 minutes late. I dont miss plunking my purse and lunch bag down at my desk as I heave this huge sigh knowing I would have 32 emails waiting for me (some of which I would not understand because there would an abundance of spelling/grammar/punctuation issues.) I dont miss wondering if some of my coworkers would call off for the millionth time that year due to some sort of never-heard-before-but-I-have-it illness that will leave me stranded to do twice as much work that I wont have time for. I dont miss watching the clock, waiting to get my ass out the door.

Cals a pretty easy going boss. As long as play roll the ball with him Im rewarded with tons of baby kisses.

Best. Job. Ever.

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