Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Baby in Buffalo

My niece turned one on February 20th. One folks, ONE! I remember the 3am phone call from my brother that his "little girl was finally here". I remember saying "congrats!" and then that was it. It was 3am, and I was out of it. After, I remembered I shouldve asked how much she weighed and how long she was and if she had a third eye (shes perfect, all symmetrical. No third eye). Now shes walking and saying "look, eeee, baby". So fast they grow up.

My brother and sister in-law had a nice big birthday party for her and since shes my favorite little girl I made sure I would be there for it. This meant that I would have to make the 6.5 hr trek back home to Buffalo. Mike wasnt able to go (someone has to work around here and it sure isnt going to be me! A womens place is in the home. IN. THE. HOME!)and that meant I would be making the trip home with the baby alone. Not too bad really. Calvins been on a few trips home and hes pretty good at letting me know when hes hungry so I figured I could do it.

First, I had to pack. Apparently for a 5 day trip with a baby I need a months worth of crap.

Calvin was cake on this trip even though it exceeded its 6.5 hr drive to 7.5hrs due to HORRIBLE winter weather. Who wouldve thought that in February it would sleet/snow/slush AND have people in ditches my entire way up? Calvin didnt notice a thing.

We stayed at my brothers (with my sister in-law, my nephew and niece). Needless to say Calvin was very happy to have constant entertainment and NEVER ENDING array of toys. If toys do come to life when we sleep, they have an entire army in their house. Calvin and McKenzie played so nice next to each other.

Now I may be bias and all but Im pretty sure my niece is the cutest little girl. Ever. She has these two little bottom teeth and cute little dimples. Shes also very spoiled. AWW POOR GIRL

Calvin and I did a lot of running around when we went home. We had many dates with family and even though we tried to see everyone we managed to miss some too. There never is enough time and my energy was in the gutter by the second day anyways so sorry family, next time I promise! We did manage to see my grandparents on my moms side. That was nice and a bit retro. Calvin hung out in my high chair from 1982 (seriously) staring out the same window I did while also getting the joy of uncrossing your eyes at those same curtains my eyes have watered at too. SERIOUSLY.

Buffalo trips are always exhausting but fulfilling. It keeps us grounded to where we came from. I always leave feeling bittersweet. Happy to be heading home to my cats and my bed (and this case my hubby too)but also sad to be leaving family and food and DECENT DRIVERS. It was time though. My brother and sister in-law were so gracious to let us stay at their place but Im pretty sure we were THIS close to seeing a ugg up the butt as we packed the car. Calvin was ready to go home too.

Like I said, trips are EXHAUSTING.

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