Thursday, February 25, 2010


I always thought of myself as a career woman. Someone who needed adult conversation to function. So when I got pregnant last year I figured I would work till I gave birth, go on maternity leave for 8 weeks and return to the desk. I always have been a dedicated worker and I did work till I just about gave birth. In fact my doctor had to write me off of work at 38 weeks because she thought it was insane that I was still up and at it 12hrs a day. I sat in front of a computer all day, so being insanely pregnant and working wasnt too bad. It kept me out of the baby stores and Ikea.

Once I had Calvin, my thinking changed.

I went back to work after 8 weeks. We didnt do the traditional daycare because I have worked in daycare before for a long time. Unless you have compassionate workers there you shouldnt have a problem. Most of the time though, daycares are employeed by 19yr olds trying to get through college and not really paying great attention to other peoples children. Sorry, but its true. Now some people love daycare and I dont knock it, I just wanted to go a different route when it came to my son. So we went to all places to look for child care: craigslist. On there we found this amazing woman named Richele. Shes a stay at home mom to two great kids and was looking to watch babies too. Sometimes craigslist can have scary outcomes. In our case it was one of the best decesions we did for our son. Shes has crazy energy, a beautiful family who invited us to spend Thanksgiving with them, a great home environment and children that love my child. Since our family lives 7hrs from us shes our "next of kin" here in Ohio and I really dont know what we would do without her. Everyone who has a kid should also have a Richele. With that being said it also made me want to be like her. I thought, "hey! I could be like her maybe. Maybe stay at home with my son and watch someone elses kid too. Maybe I could be a Richele!".

So the wheels began turning in my head. I really missed my son. Some days it would physically hurt to have to go to work because I would want to be with him. It was a surprise to me because even though I loved him so much to begin with, I never thought how much I could love him. I wanted to stay home. So I started to prepare myself in October to stay home some time after the new year. I enrolled in online classes to get my certification in child development and I also did a lovely 8 hr ALL day infant CPR and first aid class (another class I recommend you take if you have kids). I plan on taking a few more classes too and finish up my degree in it but right now I feel pretty good with being certified.

Oh boy, Im certified to help develop a childs mind. HELP US ALL!!

So roll in the new year. I have a talk with my boss that in a few months I maybe leaving but when I do Ill give my two week notice. I wont leave them hanging. I intend to work through March while I was still preparing to do anything in-home. We are always busy at work and couldve used another person actually to help with all the crap we do daily. My work is a bit stingy when it comes to hiring people so they stretch the work as thinly as possible without giving any raises (OH THAT ECONOMY) or overtime (again, THE ECONOMY!!). I hear through the grapevine that as of this Friday they were looking to give me the AX. Now I dont appreciate that. I worked for this company for 4 years. In these 4 years I had one raise. I feel I worked the job of two people and yet still, nothing. So hearing that makes me rage inside. I came back after my maternity leave. I couldve been that asshole who said "screw you and good luck doing all that work I did" but I didnt. I left my 8 week old son to drive half hour each way to work. Every single day. So I emailed my boss and said "we need to talk". He calls me in Monday at 4:30 and is like "whats up?". I tell him that I hear this and that and I want to know whats going on because Im going out of town this weekend and Im not going to rush home monday to go to work on tuesday and they say "see ya". He told me he meant to tell me last week but they would not need me past thusday. Oh. MEANT to tell me. How nice that they MEANT to tell me. Too bad the weather was bad and he was busy because he forgot to tell me. Awesome. His words were:"we really appreciate what you have done here. How long have you been here? 4 years huh? Really? Well in those few years your numbers have been great and bullshit bullshit bullshit but we will no longer need you. We will be able to get by fine without you. If you werent going to eventually leave we were going to have to downside again anyways"


I smile, say "no problem, thanks" and walk out of his office. 4 years and thats what I get. A thank you but we dont need you anymore. I dont even get to go out on my own glory. I wonder, can I file for unemployment?

I worked till today (Thursday). My co-workers were great and got me a we will miss you card and made all kinds of food. These women are great cookers/bakers and Ill miss that along with the laughs and banter. My send off was great. Im VERY excited to stay home with my Monkey. I have no problems answering to a boss whos pants I have to change and who pays me in slobbery kisses. Hes absolutely amazing and everything has worked out perfectly.

I had to work later then everyone else today, known as our late days. We work till 6 once a week to cover the west coast calls (very stupid policy as no one ever calls and it just pisses us off) so I used that time to clean out my desk.

Im a free woman everyone! FREE!!

In Memory of my cube. 2006-2010

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