Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Skin Diaries

Im almost 28 yrs old. You would figure by this time I would have reached full adulthood. According to my skin, Im a 14 yr old boy who may or may not work in some greasy pizza parlor. I really havent had to deal with my skin in about 10 yrs since I was on lovely hormonal Birth Control. When I was pregnant my skin was AWESOME and I was so hoping it would stay that way. After I had the baby and stopped nursing my skin was all like "hey, remember me? REMEMBER OIL?". Yeah, it reverted back to 1995 when it remembered pimples and oil and GIGANTIC pores that cars could fall into.

Im loving it let me tell you.

Soooooooo Ive tried proactive before and my skin acted just as if it was being washed with water. For a last ditch effort before I go to my dermatologist and ask him for a new skin suit, I decided to try this Skin ID stuff by Neutrogena.

I just started using it last night. I wouldve started using it last week if I wouldve been able to find it. I had been waiting for this to arrive for a week and when tracking it online I saw that it delivered to my front door. Well when I checked outside I was greeted with about 2 feet of snow (we dont use the front door much and with the record snow we had here in Ohio last week, it was just better to let it melt so my husband didnt shovel the porch). So I go to the garage to get the shovel to poke around out front and my husband insists he has already been out there to look for a package he was waiting for and that he didnt notice a package out there before the snow. And since we know husbands are always right, I stopped chopping through the snow and emailed Neutrogena to rip them a new one. "I spent x amount of money on this product and you mustve delivered it to the wrong house so cancel my next orders". Such a nice company says they would be happy to re-send this order out free of charge! I luckily decide to look one last time. GUESS WHAT?? It WAS out on the front porch. The snow is starting to melt here and I could see peaking through in the corner of the porch a very soggy box. MY ORDER! The one my husband insisted couldnt possibly be by the front door because he checked. When I found it, guess who also was on the front porch with me? My lovely husband. Mike--> "Oh". Yeah honey, "OH!!" I love him, so to give him the benefit of the doubt, there WAS about 2 feet of snow. Not his fault. This time.

Anyways, yay I now have a chance to try this crap that Neutrogenas marketing team has so greatly promoted all over the style network. I have a cream cleanser, a Benzoyl peroxide cream, a hydrator and a spot treatment. I was tempted to just use the spot treatment ALL OVER my face because its behaving badly. But I figured I would give it a good try and do it the right way.

The cream cleanser had a slight fresh scent to it and seemed to go on pretty smoothly. I did learn that I will need a separate make up remover though as it left my pretty white Ralph Lauren towels with mascara marks:

Seems to have gotten off all the foundation/blush/bronzer I use so thats good. I was worried it would leave traces of that on my face further hindering it from growing up and out of the teenage angst phase. After the washing I applied the Benzoyl acne treatment and then the hydrator. My skin felt clean and not tight (which I find as a problem with most drug store stuff). Today I did wake up with some dryness so I think Ill just use the acne treatment once a day instead of doing the entire regimen twice a day like it suggests. Im really hoping this helps to make me look less like a 14yr old and more like an adult whos ALMOST 30.

Now only if it would make me look like Hayden Panettiere like Neutrogena indirectly says you could look like if you use their product. Then Id buy the entire company.

It has only been one day.....

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