Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Kissing my Butt goodbye.

So I had Calvin 8 months ago (well, ALMOST 8 months, Im cheating by 4 days) and I had not yet stepped foot into a gym since right before I got pregnant. That was 1year and 4 months ago and I wasnt going to a gym. I was doing kickboxing 4 times a week at a hour each session. That was a wonderful workout and I highly suggest you go and sign up for a class. Make sure you do it at a actual martial arts facility though. Your instructor will be some crazy black belt that will make you say "Yah!" and have you picture your boss on the boxing bag as you workout. I found my abs doing kickboxing. Just as fast as I found them, they went bye bye as my stomach started to grow as baby Calvin was like "how about I take that hard work you just did and make myself some ears today? Or maybe some stomach muscles of my own?". He stole my abs. Maybe not stole them, Im sure they are under the gross jello that is now my stomach. I refer to it fondly as "baby front butt". Front butt is what happens to those that have excess amount of fat and skin around their front stomach area and it hangs over almost like your own back butt. I have a small one from when Cal stretched my stomach to abnormal proportions. Its nothing as bad as think it is Im sure, but Im not used to it and my stomach didnt go back to how nice it was like I was hoping it would.

Apparently Im one of those women that will have to work at this. OH JOY!

I did lose a good amount of weight right after having Calvin. Nursing and losing the 25 extra gallons of water weight put me [almost] back to where I was when I got pregnant. Except now I was stretchy. With being stretchy came new questions: do I tuck this in? Can I hike it up and stuff it in my bra? If I put my hair in a pony tail will gravity work in reverse? The answer to all of those questions? NO! I will have to get my butt to the gym and work it off like any other normal person out there. So that made me wonder if I should do the kickboxing thing again or what? The issue with that is, I no longer have the free time as I did before Calvin and there really arent places close to where I now live. So joining a gym would be my best solution. Lucky enough there is a gym right down the street from me and it takes 3 minutes to get there. Plus its open 24/7 so I can go when Monkey is asleep. Anytime fitness is right up my alley:

I met with Lisa the personal trainer they have there today. Told her my background and how I want to get my ass back in gear. I want to tone up, I want to lose weight and be active. Mostly I want to be healthy so my son will have his mother. Plus I know it will make me feel good again and thats important too. So Lisa is like "ok lets get started!". Then she showed me how effortlessly her 120lb lean body could throw around 10lb weights and pull up 40lbs. She made it look soooo easy! My arms were like "what the hell is wrong with you lady? Go home and lift that remote because forget these 10lb weights, youre going to burn and pay for this now".

Not later, but NOW!

Shes like "there you go, you got it, youre SO focused". I was focused, I was trying to concentrate on how not to let my arms fall out of the sockets they are in and onto the floor where they would lay grasping for the remote control. Oh my god am I so out of shape! It makes me sad that my 8month old who rolls around on the floor and goes from toy to toy is probably in better shape then I am. So we do two reps. TWO! Because I dont want to be too sore for my trip home this weekend. I want to be able to do stuff, not sit around only being able to move my head. So she took it easy on me and then we went over a lot of stuff I was already doing (for the most part). Eat more veggies and fruit, eat up to 1600 calories a day to lose 10lbs in 6 weeks, drink more water. All of which I try to do. I lack the discipline. I know I need to be more motivated and I really want to be this time. This gym made me sign a 1yr contract and I dont want that to be money put down the drain so Im going to make it my goal to go at least 3 times a week. Like I said before, its not just for me. I want to be able to keep up with my busy body little man. He deserves a mom who is able to do everything with him. I ate so well when I was pregnant with him to make sure he was healthy. Now its time I do the same for me.

Wish me luck, my remote arm is going to need it!

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