Friday, June 4, 2010

Got Junk?

Damn it we need to have a garage sale.

No my house isnt like a episode of Hoarders where I need an army of people to come in and sort through years of crap and mental anguish. Well maybe I do need someone to help with the mental anguish but thats another post all together. I get anxiety over things being messy so when we bought our house and moved all the stuff I had in the basement of our townhouse to the basement of our nice new house I almost had a slight breakdown. The men who helped move (who by the way were AWESOME and we couldnt have done it without them cause with toting a then 3month old I was basically useless) put all of our crap we will never use, use on occasion, or dont know what to do with all over the basement in one big pile. I used to never know where to start when it came to organizing it so I would ignore that part of the house but one day after changing the cat litter I finally had enough and tornadoed through it in 2hrs.

Now I have organized piles of decorations, baby stuff, a section of "Mikes junk that I dont know what to do with" and a section of yardsale crap. Stuff people bought us years ago, or hand me down Nick Nacks, maternity clothes (no more kids for me thanks) and other stuff that I no longer want or want to look at. I saved some sentimental things but for the most part, if I havent used it in a year its out the door. I unpacked crap that had Louisiana news paper from 2003! Yeah, sorry grandma, those mugs you gave us that we have no use for are going outside on the lawn with a 25cent sticker on it. Appreciate your thought though.

Im thinking of Calvin here. This way when he has to go thru our stuff he wont be like "why do my parents have so much useless crap and can I just burn the house down and collect the insurance?"

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