Sunday, June 13, 2010

Skip right to hell.

Im a firm believer that Ohio is A FIRERY PIT OF HELL. We didnt have a spring, went right from winter to blazing inferno. Its muggy and hot and my fake tan feels like its going to melt off of me. YAY for summer though! I wait all year for it to get here so I can find excuses to go outside other then to shop. This year is even more awesome as now I have Calvin to take places like the zoo and swimming. Dont even remind me of last summer where I was pregnant and hot and huge and cranky and did I mention, CRANKY! Now Im just hot. A little cranky sometimes too but I chalk that up to left over hormones hahaha.

Its not so bad though, Id rather have this hot then live back home in Buffalo with the winters. We will never move back home. I couldnt take the 9 months of snow. You laugh but Im being for real. Sorry Buffalo, I hate to say this, but Ohio grew on me.

Even if it is the Fire pit of Hell.

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