Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Much to do about nothing.

Lately I feel like my brain has officially left the building. Im a normally social being that feels the need to broadcast life happenings daily but for the past few weeks I feel as if I don't have anything to say. *GASP*

Nothing. To. Say.

Hear that awkward silence? Thats what it sounds like when I sit at the keys all ready to write down some funny blurbs when all that comes out is dust and the occasional moth.

I mean, being a stay at home is glamorous. We get to wear velor track suits and zoom around in our SUVs! We get to jam our feet on the latch of the stroller to fold it back up but find out that since its a new stroller you don't quite KNOW where all the latches are. So standing in the parking lot of the childrens hair cutters you know you're being watched (AND judged) by the other moms because you parked in the family parking area they have and all the moms can see you out the window. You jiggle the stroller, check the breaks, fold the rain cover, shake it some more, swear at it, yell at it for being expensive but cant figure out why cause IT WONT EVEN FOLD BACK UP! Then you contemplate just throwing the entire thing unfolded into the back of your SUV so you can just get the hell out of the parking lot. Thats when you find the magical latch that folds it up so effortlessly and WHAM you're all happy with it again. Till the next time you need to fold it up and you're forgotten how the latches work. Its very difficult learning this part of the job and there was not "Maclaren stroller 101" I could take before Calvin was born. So now I just hope I look half way decent out there "learning" in my sweats.

I was supposed to meet with some potential parents later this evening so we could go over my policies for my daycare. They were set to enroll their son with me starting next Tuesday but apparently Daycare De Erin is no competition for the big chains so they have decided to stick with where they are. Apparently loving one on one care is less then stellar compared to a keyed security system and the potential for lice/chicken pox/neglect and a offer they "couldn't refuse". But, whatever. I'm not bitter. Back to the drawing board and that just gives me more time with the two I have now.

Summer is getting ready to wrap up around the states that aren't currently blanketed in 100* weather (we are one of those lucky hot states)and I'm looking to forward to fall. SO FORWARD to it. I'm usually a nut job for Halloween anyways and this year Calvin will be older to experience it too. He gets to see how crazy his mother is about this time of year. I bet Im the only one on the block that owns her own fog machine. Yes, I love Halloween THAT much!. Thats the next thing to look forward to over here.

Exciting, I know!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Sealed to lock in freshness

Last week I opened the fridge to get some milk for Calvin and I just kinda stood there for a second as my brain tried to figure out what I was seeing.

My husband, the man who is obsessed with things going bad or losing their freshness put his can of Jones pop in a ziplock bag.

I guess I should applaud him for not wasting it and dumping it down the drain.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Your modern day Hansel and Gretel.

Some children leave a trail of bread crumbs, my child leaves a trail of Milk. Wheres Calvin? Just follow the trail and youre bound to find him sticking his fingers in something thats going to be sticky and/or get him into trouble. Today it was around the cats bowls.

Beautiful Day

I know Ive posted about the sunrise here before but today Calvin and I were in his room hanging out snuggling in his glider enjoying some quiet time before the day begins; when we took a minute to look out the window. This week is one of the first weeks of broken heat and humidity in over a month and there is no haze covering the sky. With staying home all day I sometimes forget that there is a front door to my house that leads to OUTSIDE. Sometimes its just so beautiful out there.

King size

I figured when Mike and I would decide to have a baby this baby would be a tall one. I was hoping my short 5'4" frame would offset Mikes 6'7" but looks like his genetics won in that game. Right before I went into labor I was at my OB's office having one of my many ultrasounds and I remember her "hmmmm....his legs measure very long". When I told her my husband was very tall she was all like "I was going to ask and that explains it!". Because with looking at the short fat lady on the ultrasound table we both knew he wasnt tall because of me. My family is full of oompa loompas, not jolly green giants. This was one of the reasons why I wanted a boy so bad (along side the fact that boys are awesome and love their mommys), a tall boy is easier to marry off then a tall girl.

I just hope his wife knows its going to be hard sleeping in a bed with a guy who has to sleep on a diagonal in order to fit on it.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Building a fortress.

The neighbors directly behind us are putting up a fence. We dont really know them and I think I said hi to the lady once. I do know they have crazy fights (this one time her husband was yelling at her in the middle of the street while she tired to not hit her Jag on the cars outside of the garage) and that they have a disabled son with whom they constantly yell at when hes out back mowing their lawn. Our backyard goes up on a hill and then slopes down to their yard so its nice they are putting up this fence. It saves us the money to do so (we would never put in one anyways cause we just dont care) and we dont get to watch her sunbathe in her kiddie pool while we eat dinner at our kitchen table. It wouldnt be so bad if she was you know, a 21 yr old.


We lived in Louisiana 7 years ago and it was hotter then hell there too. Ohio is kinda like that. Full of rednecks, bad food and HOT ass weather. 97* at 7pm is not my ideal. The west coast looks better and better every day.

One day...

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Calvin and Hobbes.

Growing up Mike and I both loved "Calvin and Hobbes" books. When I mean loved, I mean LOVED them. They were a big part of our childhoods and I can remember reading my 1st on in the 5th grade and laughing like a jackass. Till this day I still laugh and I credit a lot of my wit to Bill Watterson . For our 10yr anniversary mike bought me the collectors edition of the books that are now displayed on our dresser like a piece of art. While I respect Watterson's decision to not mass market his art that left people like us always pining for a Hobbes stuffed animal or toy; we too wanted to be like 6yr old Calvin and his stuffed tiger. We named Calvin after, you guessed it, the comic and we all know that Calvin needs his Hobbes. So Mike went to Etsy.com and had one made.

Calvin and Hobbes

And yes I know we are THOSE parents. Good luck Cal, you cant pick whom youre born to. Sorry kiddo.